Hi Tw, i think you should do something about this scum.

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Yeah I saw an add for this game on Youtube the other day and almost couldn't believe what I was seeing.


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There's a ton of games that do this, they rip images and videos from decent games for their mobile crap.


There's also ton of games that use Age of Empires footages or just shamelessly use the graphics that are 99% Age of Empires.
Also some games with Super Mario graphics and so on.

I really hate regulations in general, but this is the case where some regulations must be applied.

Mobile Gaming is a hellhole already. 9 out 10 ads you see on mobile apps are just blatantly scam and nothing more.


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Obviously this is very scummy, but I've seen stuff like this posted a lot (also in Total War communities) and am genuinely curious whether these scams actually hurt TW at all. If it was a game stealing game assets from Bannerlord that be one thing, but all this is is false advertising to trick people into downloading their app. Worst case scenario I can think of is that someone downloads this app, realizes they've been scammed and then in the future sees Bannerlord and thinks it is also a scam. Best case scenario (and IMO more likely), someone downloads the app, realizes they've been scammed, but researches the screenshots and discover M&B. Obviously you should report this to the app store, but it doesn't seem like it would be worthwhile for TW to actually pursue these scams which may be why we've been seeing stuff like this for years.
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