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It's the second time i'm trying to change how heros are generated and how the traits are changed into actual skills.
If i could change
to my liking there is always an issue each time you try to create or alter a hero, it's a call sooner or later to the
class that sadly have almost all it's methods internal or private for no real reason.

I can understand some of those methods are masked to modders cause they are used internally and you don't want us to use it, but there are also a few that NEEDS to be called from outside this method for the whole process to work and those are set as internal like
internal void CheckInitialLevel()
that trigger the private methods :
private void SetupDefaultPoints()
private void SetInitialLevelFromSkills()
private void SetInitialFocusAndAttributePoints()
private void DiscoverOpenedPerks()

I would also say this class is almost completely internal, preventing anybody to change it without the use of harmony, and with mods like TC you might want to change this particular class as HeroDeveloper is the source of all the RPG aspect of the game and interacts heavily with the interface.

Thank you.
I'm trying to change how heroes are generated by the game.
Each hero is built on a template that consist in a set of traits that are processed by the game to derive stats from those traits. However if you add new traits or simply wants to change how they impact the the hero you need to make your own HeroCreationCampaignBehavior what isn't the issue.

What the issue is, once you did everything required in this behavior, you need to actually initialize your newly created hero and this is made by a call to the class HeroDeveloper and an internal method inside : internal void CheckInitialLevel()

While i'm at it, this class HeroDeveloper have many internal methods inside and i'm pretty sure they will make more issues for modding in the futur. So if you could check this one particularly for the next patch.
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