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So, I started my faction "Kingdom of Vaegirs Rebels".
But! I can't get any lords/vassals!
Please, I am new to this game help me through.
How to make lords/vassals join my kingdom?
How to change my kingdom's name?
All answers are welcome.
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As for Warband, you can appoint your Companions to become your vassals. Also, lords in exile can join you whenever they feel it's better in your kingdom.
Your faction name will turn from "Kingdom of Vaegirs Rebels" to "Kingdom of Vaegirs" when the last remaining Vaegir castle or city is taken.  In essence, your faction will replace them.  You can't call it anything else, because it's not YOUR faction, it belongs to the claimant to the throne whom you support, who sees himself as the legitimate heir to that kingdom.

Getting lords and vassals for the faction requires raising their opinion of you to the point where you can ask them to join, generally by doing tasks for them.  Another way is by destroying another faction completely, which causes its lords to join other factions at random after a few days or weeks.  It's a long and tedious process to get a rebel faction to replace the main faction, and not exactly the easiest avenue for those who aren't already familiar with the game.  Generally, joining an established faction is far easier.  Good luck at it.  Personally, I'd revert to an older save before I committed to that course.

If you're playing Warband, not the basic game, then it's different, and you're posting in the wrong forum.
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