Help with the name of a Celtic march (British military music)

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What is the title of the bagpipe song that is played starting at 6 minutes 30 seconds, in this video?
The video is the parade of a Scottish regiment of the British army through a town in Scotland.

I think the song is beautiful.
I heard this song before, in the movie Dead Poet Society (a somewhat pagan-themed movie about British students writing poems).
I am a Canadian living in Canada, which is a territory of the British Commonwealth, so I am interested in Celtic marches.
I figured that since this game features Celtic tribes, some people may know the title of the song.

Admins: if this thread counts as off-topic, please don't ban me. I only would like to get input on the title of a marching song.
As far as I remember, back when I was playing the very first Mount and Blade, there used to be a section of the forum where you can post any topic, it was the "off-topic" section, or something like that. I no longer see that section of the forum.


The song is "Haggis gave me the runs" and it's right between other loud repetitive sounds that may have names too.
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