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I could really use some help learing how to make a basic armor mod. I should mention I'm a complete newbie when it comes to modding, but I'm trying hard to learn the process. My goals is to learn how to import armor models into Bannerlord. I've found a video guide here on how to make a BL armor mod. I've followed this guide to the letter, but now I'm really stuck.

What I did was: as a test I've made a very simple "Box armor" in Blender (first time using blender also :grin:). I rigged it to a skeleton that I've extracted using Tpac tools, painted some basic textures, and created my own mod in Bannerlord with this Box armor. I've applied material with my textures to the armor mesh in the Editor and added the armor into the game by editing my module's items.xml. I should mention I did override materials from a random native armor, my materials now contain only 2 textures (difusse 1 and 2), no specular or normal maps or anything else.

The problem: When I start Bannerlord with my mod, the main menu loads fine. However, whenever I click New game or try to load a save, the game shows the loading screen and then promptly crashes. Basically, I can't start a new game or load an existing one with my armor mod enabled even if I disable all other mods.
I've tinkered around with it for hours, but still I have no idea what's causing the crash. The only thing that made a difference is when I added my Box armor asset into different armor mod that I found on Nexus - by doing that the game actually loads a save, and then I can even add the Box armor into my inventory - but when I equip it it's completely invisible. So even if my mod doesn't crash the game, the armor is still invisible in-game.

So now I've completely ran out of ideas, and my only hope is that someone here will have enough energy to read through all of this and maybe give me some advice on how to get this working :grin:
Really, any help at all would be very appreciated, I'm really hoping I can get some mods rolling! :smile:
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