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Okay.  Some people think we're dying down, which isn't the case.  We are still working on the mod, but our real life circumstances are affecting the production rate of our work.  If you'd like to help out then there are a few ways people could help speed things up.

One. - PM me or add me on MSN: [email protected] - and tell me what you'd like to do, this only really applies if you have lots of set information for us or if you want to join the team.

Two. - Here's a list of things we'd need, should you do any of these your work will be credited 100%, no worries there.

What we need

- New Map
- New Armour textures (new or old, Mongolian themed)
- Map_Icon meshes
- Scene editor
- Music editor
- Active texturers

What we want

- a variety of different Asian themed armours, pref Mongolian.
- new textures
- new menu interface textures
- a texturer to help with UV mapping and working on models created by our dear friend, Haas.
- assistant organiser, to help me sort out all the files and brf's.


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I would like to help desiogn the new map to be nearer towards the tibetan plateau and include the great city of Lhasa on its far left in a the land surrounded by snowy mountains. I would also like to see Mongol stone rings (which all the mongols used) purchasable giving the wearer archery bonus similar to having books in your'e inventory. Also if the map is in this region I would like to see elements of Buddhist culture and shaman too.


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Would be friggin' awesome, mate.  contact wei via MSN or any other method possible.

He can provide you with the maps and information required easily.  (he has 2 brains unlike us ;o)
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