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Hey Guys,
I have a MAC and I currently have M&B Warbands 1.143. Now I would like to update it to the recent 1.158 for a Mod I would like to play. SO, I already have downloaded the the file from TalesWorld...I just dropped it in the M&B file BUT that didn't help. Any walk-throughs would be or even a website referral would be AWESOME!
Hi *Spear*,

I do not own a MAC so can't really figure out how it might work. What I do know is that Mac is based on Unix, and so is linux. Therefor I can forward you to the following link:,27679.0.html
Hi *Spear*,

I'm glad I could help. If you manage to fix the problem please post here how you did it so people can benefit from it as well!
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