Help: Trying to find more info on a music theme (alegedly) from M&B

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Hi guys,

I was watching a video on YouTube and a piece of music from this video caught my attention. Some other people commented below the video that the music theme is from an early (beta) version of the Mount & Blade game. Since I am unfamiliar with this game - until recently I had never heard of it - I hope someone here on the forum will help me identify and get more info on the particular music theme, such like is it a part of the soundtrack, which exactly game it is from (if any), etc.

Here is the link to the YouTube video, and the part of it where the music theme starts playing:

the duration is about a minute and 20 seconds or so.

Here are the comments of the people who suggested that the music is from M&B:

"Not gonna complain much about the music swap, recognise this music from an early build of Mount & Blade, wish I knew the source."
"Why is there Mount and Blade beta music in the background of the ending?"

Thanks a lot in advance to whoever helps me out with my inquiry.

Stay well :smile:
I don't remember the name of the composer, but I remember that it was royalty-free music. This means the authors of other works who license it from the composer may have no knowledge of what other works it was used in.

Sorry I can't be more help.
Mount & Blade beta version 0.751 was when I first started playing, IIRC, and I know that when I found the game, the royalty-free music hadn't yet been replaced.

Update: oh, hey! On a hunch, I did a quick search through my old posts, and found this:

So the composer's name is Michael Ferenci. More sifting through my old posts (gosh, fourteen years ago) indicates that there was a piece called "The Pilgrimage" and another called "Reluctant Hero." You might be able to find more by searching my old posts using the keyword "music," but you might also find some of the seriously cringe-worthy stuff I said back then.
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Thank you very much for your time and efforts to help me.

Indeed, the particular theme I was interested in was composed by Michael Ferenci. It is part of a 12-track CD titled "Mystic Journey". It can be found on YouTube:

The theme in question is "A Losing Battle". Very majestic and epic music, in my humble opinion. Love to listen to it again and again...

All the best to you, friend, and thanks again for the tips.

Stay well :smile:
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