Help To Set Enemy Faction Colors?

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Sorry if this was already asked, but...there is a way to change the colors of some factions?

I have downloaded your awesome Romae Bellum mod yesterday (this is the first time I play something which is not the 'native') and I am quite enjoying the campaign mode as a Roman. I love the new map, I love the factions...except for the colors.
I have no problem at all with the fightings, except for the fact that "sometimes" I got slaughtered during the night by some invisible enemy army, for example the germans (dark red, invisible during night) or the gallic (dark green..) and I have noticed that a faction is BLACK also, lol. I still have to declare war to them, but I am sure already that their armies will be the masters of stealth during night ^^

So, my question again...there is an option to setup the faction colors in this, otherwise, excellent mod?
If not, I will be very depressed...and forced to uninstall because I already died too many times because of the colors.
Thank you!

(sorry for my english, it is not my native lang).