Help to add symbols for Vietnamese translation.

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Phù Sa

Dear developer team, can you help us, the Vietnamese community adding Vietnamese Symbols for translation. We have Facebook Vietnamese Community Group with nearly 4000 peoples who play Banderlord, and most of them waiting for translation.
Under here is list of symbols for translate:

à á ả ã ạ ă ằ ắ ẳ ẵ ặ â ầ ấ ẩ ẫ ậ è é ẻ ẽ ẹ ề ế ể ễ ệ ì í ỉ ĩ ị ò ó ỏ õ ọ ô ồ ố ổ ỗ ộ ơ ờ ớ ở ỡ ợ ù ú ủ ũ ụ ư ừ ứ ử ữ ự ỳ ý ỷ ỹ ỵ
Here an html code for vietnamese characters set.

Thank for support.


Please Help us !! Since the game doesnt allow to change the game font anymore, we cann't continue to translate the game 🤲
Yes. Thank you. As a Vietnamese who's big fan of Mount Blade series, I've play MB for 10 years and still enjoy it pretty much. Taleworlds, please add the Vietnamese Symbols for translation. Your update will help you to reach even more Vietnamese player on Steam. Thanks.

Your sincere,
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