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Hello all,

I think something is goofy... I have only been able to recruit 1 prisoner at a time, and maybe every 2-3 days. Before I was able to at least get 3 per day.

It might have something to do with all the messages I get for issues regarding Butterlib and such.. 'This only works with such and such version'.

When I start up the game and it loads.. I get some pretty lengthy messages listing everything that needs such and such, but it's missing this and that. No crashes, just telling me some features are missing. It is telling me it needs an earlier version of Harmony for some things, and the current version for others.

I will post some shots of my Mods and their order, and the start up messages.

I have that other mod to keep Lords from abandoning my kingdom and taking all their castles with them.. That's not working either. I've lost around 4 Lords and 12+ towns and castles.

I'm not sure what is going on honestly.. I have updated all of my Mods.

Well.. I can't figure out how to post pictures.. I uploaded one to the uploader page, but where is it?


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