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Hello everybody,
As I am slowly getting back to modding I tought about this project wich seems to have good potential for me, and I was wondering if there are any people that would like to take part in the development of blue blood, any help (scenes, code, research, 3d) is welcome as I am afraid that I won't be doing anything beside coding (wich sucks).

Anyway, if you are interested just send me a PM or leave an answer here, we will see what we can do :wink:


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Dude...sorry I didn't notice this earlier.  Man I still love this MOD!  I especially love the LEVY's unique!!!  I only switched over to Europe 1200 because it seemed like BB was dead.  I like them both actually.

I was just curious if you got any takers for someone helping you?

I'm hoping that this thread below could help you's full of OSP packs that you could possibly add to Blue Blood:

OSP packs which could be useful for us,215258.0.html

I'm not very technical myself  but I converted for use 50 text tweaks from the "themagelords" famous 82 tweaks thread to work in E1200.  I've put in many of hours of work to do those and even created one myself...although I already know that THIS is probably the stuff that you don't need help with.  Heres my work: 
(50) Txt Tweaks & DownLoad for Europe 1200 Updated 8-16-2014,295324.0.html

I'll keep poking around for to Blue Blood!!  :smile: