WB Coding Help needed on lance breaking, befriending bandits, and minimum faction relation to recruit

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Hello everyone!

I am working on a realism mod for Warband based on Diplomacy. I have the module system installed, but I am not really that proficient in using it yet. I humbly request help in;

-making lances breakable (only when couched)

-joining any side of a battle, with the subsequent relation loss/bonus (found one solution, but any relations didn't change, therefore could not befriend bandits)

-recruiting bandits by talking to them, once relation with them is positive

-setting a minimum faction relation to recruit faction troops

any help would be greatly appreciated!

Eärendil Ardamírë

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I assume you have managed to set up the Module System succesfully, is that correct?

Since you are asking quite a bundle of questions I will first point you to two threads through which you should look carefully, since they might link you to possible solutions. The first one is the Vault of Knowledge, linking to many scripts, sorted into categories:
The second one is the Forge Scrap Yard at which the first seven posts list many different useful threads and posts. The first three posts are sorted into categories, the latter four are mixed:
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Thank you, I will look more into those.

Edit: yes, I have the Module System all set up and ready to go.
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The Q&A section is not meant for making specific requests (especially when they comprise of many points), but for questions regarding some facets of modding. The Hub is a place to place such request in and, alternatively, you may also post on Discord (TW Modding server, #team-recruitment-collab channel). I recommend that this thread be moved to The Hub, especially when this topic does not even contain a valid question.

Having read the points:
  1. making lances breakable has already been made many times, so locate a mod with the desired feature and check if its source is LSP/ OSP (https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/list-osp-lsp-modifications.377920/); then, implement the feature into your mod,
  2. requires some more in-depth scripting, but do the above if any mod has already such feature,
  3. just like the above point,
  4. that might be fairly easy to accomplish provided that the above two points are done.
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