(HELP) I gave a vilage to a hero, but i want to take back and i gave a castle to a vassal that dont doanything

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I formed my realm, i conquest my first castel, i won a village but i gave my village to a vassal, and after i cant earn the money from the village,

i want my village back, how do i? how i change the owner of the vilage?

and after it i conquest my second castle and i gave it to the same vassal, and after he dont left the castle to have battles, to pillage others villages, nothing, he do nothing... what is happen? and the second castle havent any guarrison... i thought my vassal would put in the guerrison on his castle, but he did not, how i can solve it?

i conquest the second castle and quicly i gave it to a vassal, wihtout put in any guerrison. Maybe i made a mistake?

please HELP ME
You defer the appointment of the castle will result in a small garrison being automatically being set in the castle

If you give it to a vassal after you conquered the castle then no troops in castle until your vassal puts in troops
once you give it a vassal you have to kick them out of your kingdom to reclaim it no other way

talk to your vasal to command him to go raid or protect an area, if he doesnt agree either his trying to recruit troops/not enough man power/ not enough relations to listen to you

best way is to defer appointment of the castle/town so it has a garrison then give to your vassal or to yourself after
ok, i understand, so i will try to call him to plunder a village, maybe he put troops in his castle.

i forget to say, when i conquered the 2 castle was inside two womans wifes of someone, and my vasal keep with them... mybe my vasal is a philanderer lol i dont know.... haha but maybe it is disturbing him to leave his castle?
Bro First Of All
1. Make Sure Your Minister Is A Hero.?

2. Go To The Minister And Look For The Option
"I Wish To Indict A Disloyal Vassal For Treason"

3. Select The Name Of The Hero You Want To Kick Out.(You Can Reclaim Him/Her By Two Ways Either By Going To Random Taverns Or By Giving 30 Denars To A Traveller Asking For One Of Your Fellow Companions)

4. Bingo The Fief Is Now Unoccupied. Go To Your Minister And Take It In Your Possession

Now You Own One More Fief Congratulations ?

As For Your Second Issue.
Order Your Lazy Vassal To Patrol Around The Fief Or Anywhere You Want. He Will Do It At Once And Will Capture Any Enemies Encountered.
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