Help! How to name horses?!! All horse info needed!

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Meevar the Mighty

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Hello kind reader(s), I remember seeing that we can name horses in this game, but they changed (for the worse) the inventory UI so that the horses take a back seat ( :evil: ) and now I can't find how to name them. I have encountered named horses as tournament prizes but there has been no horse naming tutorial at this stage and my investigative probing of the horse related menus has been unsuccessful.

I am also having a problem where ctrl+J doesn't work and I still can't find it in the key bind menu. Has anyone discovered the new location? I'm guessing it takes more than 2 keys this time... possibly more than 2 hands.

Also relating to essential horse skills, I haven't found out how to see enemy party speed. SOLVED - Hover over the party when nothing is in the way.

All of the horses I've encountered so far have been visually identical, from ponies to warhorses and the named prize horses. Does anyone know if this is intentional?

Please post ALL horse info here if you can!

Post more questions at your own peril (only questions that have to do with horses will be tolerated). I wish you pleasant fortune in this.
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What is your favorite horse?

I think we should be able to breed horses as well. I would use Red Dead as template, except more detailed.
Using the family tree and breeding options already available for humans can be extended to horses.


I think the only thing thats NEEDS to be added is another type of horse category, the types that cant be used to upgrade troops and only serve as pack animals. Just call them that, 'pack horse' instead of calling them 'horse' like the normal combat horses are.

That aside maybe allow us to name our own horse, so that if we end up using it and accidentily swap it out we can find it back in our iventory.

Meevar the Mighty

Sergeant Knight at Arms
I found how to see enemy party speed! You can simply hover over their party. The same can be done for your own party, as well as in detail by expanding the tools on the lower right.

This hovering doesn't work if there's a settlement name in the way, which there probably was when I'd tried it previously.
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