Help guide me through a campaign & lets have fun

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Hello, my name is Saifon.
I'm a new streamer that would like to grow, and I had come at a *love at first play* with mount & blade II: Bannerlord

As I follow guides on youtube, it is not recommended to play saturated games, and this is.
Lets break that stereo type and grow my channel from the start \o/.
I would really like to grow in this community and stream a new campaign and multiplayer!

I have not played the previous game, but I am experienced in total war game especially Attila.
I would really appreciate it if you can hop onto my twitch channel and have a chat with me, having a community is the most important to me \o/

As it is hard and harsh for a new streamer to grow, especially on such a large scale game on the platform.

I am asking if you the community can help me grow and follow me on twitch.
On my channel you can see more about me, and my schedule.

Help a new/small streamer grow on the platform in the Mount & blade world!

If you want to play multiplayer together, add me on steam, we can form groups \o/
this is my friend code for steam: 195859045

Please no hate speech, belittling and keep it clean, positive with good vibes \o/

"Aiming to be the greatest general under the heaven!"

thank you...

Twitch name: Saifon
Twitch link:
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Please no hate speech, that includes blaspheming our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. DEVS VULT!