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Hi guys I really need help. I was trying to add a stick to teen male body as same in mod "Nude men and women". But I ended up getting all the parts of the body mixed together like a monster. (I dont know how to insert images thru links sorry)

I was thinking smth went wrong maybe skeleton animations? But Im a super noob and very new to modding, please help me :sad:((

So here is what I did:
1. I exported .fbx of body_teen and body_male_nude by Tpac Tool,
I imported them into blender, and I deleted all the vertices of the body of male_nude and only kept the Stick,
3. I conjuncted sticks with body_teen. I didn't touch the skeleton or anything cuz I have no idea what are they.
4. I imported them into modding kit into assets.
5. And I started the game, a monster jumped out in character creation interface.

Im so desperately needing all kinds of help. Anything will be very much appreciated.
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