Hello, i gently report bugs

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Hello guys,

Great job doing this game ; and thanks for updating it !

I just created my account to report 2 bugs that i found recently.

- First, is a bug for money when you sell detained heroes in your own town, then you can re-pick them up in your group by going in you dungeon (then sell again, ...) .
- Second one is quest-related : i got a quest (from a ally hero) where i need to capture a heroe of an enemy clan ;
Then my King (Garios) captured this "Amorcon" guy ; so i go to speak to my King (Garios) and ask for "speak to his prisoners", then i click "Amorcon", then (here is the bug) Amorcon say something weird and instantly Garios want to enter battle with me; i can "leave alone" or "enter battle" ;

Ok guys sorry for bad english and happy new year !

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