Heed the Call of Battle!

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=|TM|= The Mothership is looking for brave warriors to heed the call of battle!

We are a large active community of survivalists, adventurers, milsimmers, strategists, and tacticians who's sole purpose is to make a recognizable splash in every game we play.

Based in the NA while hosting a worldwide membership base, we are a group that prides ourselves in being open to all people regardless of race/gender and have built a strong conclave of players over many years.

Our goal for Bannerlord is to establish an efficient, trained, and communicative group of players to form a competitive team during development and beyond.

Tired of try-hard clans that require you to log in once a week or be kicked? Have you been shafted by the larger, 'orgranized' clans that have established favoritism? Angry about leadership with zero common sense dictating you 'orders'? Do you feel a strange connection to the beyond?

If you feel you have what it takes, WE WANT YOU! Leadership roles are also available. Casual and Hardcore players should apply. 18+ Preferred.

Discord: https://discord.gg/6bYejzm
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