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So far so good. The samurai armor (or whatever the heck you call it) looks well done. And I presume that those katanas came from the OSP?

Don't wanna sound like a jackass, but the scenes could use some work. I'm talking about the castle scene in particular. I don't know much about Japanese architecture, but a stereotypically Western looking castle (from Native?) doesn't seem like it'd fit in the Japanese landscape. Just my two cents.  :wink:


ExorcisT said:
@shalictar:i have a nice idea for you  :mrgreen:


:lol: thats awesome, gonna have to put that in there later on.



Great armor!! Light-Katanna????

And what about this helmet???



It looks like this mod got my attention.  I now feel a strong urge to play Shogun Total War.

I think somewhere in my STW: Warlords Edition disc there is a game/Japanese history guide called "The Way of the Daimyo."  It gave out strategies on units as well as provide for a LOT of historical information.

I'm sure these weapons will be in-game right?

Shurikens for ninjas...

and the Legendary Geisha right?  :razz:

Anyways, keep up the good work.


Geisha would be a cool addition.

all the others will definately be in there.


You could always change the ladies whose favor you can earn to Geisha.  Seems the logical choice.  Female samurai weren't unheard of too, so hiring some would be cool.  Even if you can't change the face models too much, you should at the very least change everybody's hair to black.  I don't think there were a lot of blonds and red-heads running around Japan back in the day. 


well Takeda has A female cavalry unit armed with a naginata.

i plan on changing the hair colors/faces.


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They looked pretty hot in the movie too. But they got wiped out in a single charge by Uesugi troops. In fact the movie makes it look like it was a one sided bloodbath with Uesugi wiping out almost all the Takeda troops and losing a lot less then a hundred men. I don't remember history panning out that way. The fight exhausted both sides and they both lost too many men. It was never one sided. Biast bloody movie.

I was wondering about kimono's in the game, like perhaps taking a native dress model and adding a bow to the back and with a good texture it might pan out alright, but it seems like it will be a bloody hard thing to do, so will probably come with a later version if at all.


I always felt the movie was kinda tilted toward Uesugi.

sounds like a plan with the kimono.

I also need the the Jinboari vest, for leaders and kenin level troops.

probly just add a vest to the samurai armor model.


thanks betoxico we need more of those.

and to be honest it was probly one of the funnest battles ive played on this game so far.


Looks good, i'll certainly be downloading this when its out. I especially like the flags on soldiers backs, i always thought that was the one thing mount and blade lacked, flags and standars of the battle fields. keep up the good work.
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