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Head count! Let's kick some life back into this old bar.

Run around the Bar?

  • Yes! Lets kick up this old nag!

    Votes: 6 54.5%
  • Nah. I'm bloody tired. Life, work, wife/husband...

    Votes: 2 18.2%
  • I'ma wait till it looks like a community to commit. Going alone sucks.

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Kalnia said:
Now this is a place I have not visited for a long long time. Nice to see the old girls still standing!
Kalnia you ****er.
I had to post when I saw you post.

I think we've kinda realized it takes a lot of time to do creative writing here that nobody is ever going to care about except us. I think that's why this petered out. We got lives, and left our youthful enthusiasm and energy behind here.

It's still nice to remember the old times though.

I think we'd actually have to have another thing to write for. Like maybe if someone requested creative writing for a video-game, or a mod or something. Character biographies and development arcs, game world lore, etc.


Sergeant Knight at Arms
Glad to see you too Rallix!  :lol: I remember the old days with no small amount of nostalgia, even go back and reread the odd page from Battle of Tihr every now and then. A lot of love and energy was put into these ol' stories.

In all seriousness, I'd be up for starting something up again, on here or elsewhere. Between starting a business, I've found myself with sod all hobbies these days and would be ace to get back into writing :smile:


Gentlemen! It is time.

The Iron is hot. The World in turmoil. The Balance of Power is in Flux.

Will we carry the Tavern into a new era? A new era of song, heroes, battles and stories? Or will we stay as we are, a relic of history, respectable, but unchanging?

I feel we must take in new blood. New spirit. The game is here. A thousand new stories are beginning to unravel as you read this. Why should the bar be empty? Are there not stories to be told? I declare a new campaign. A campaign of people finding themselves in a new world, of people exploring and making the story of old Calradia. I say that bannerlord, after 10 years, will bring more stories to the fore then any title before.

I say that we tell our stories, help others tell their stories, and pull the Duck and Spackle bar into a new generation of patrons.

Lord Tim

Master Knight
YES!!! You beat me to it, Therian! THIS IS IT! Will have to play through the campaign some though, to get a feeling of the atmosphere and lore.


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Hwelbane glanced up, his hands continuing the long, slow strokes of the whetstone along the his axe's edge. The weapon mirrored it's owner; battered by use, maintained yet weathered, and honed thin by years of use. The Nord sat on the wooden bench away from the tavern's fire, quiet and unassuming, as if he had never left.

With a quiet groan and audible click, he rolled his shoulders and stood as a knowing smile creased his features.

"It's about time..."


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I have a slight confession; I haven't (and won't be) buying Bannerlord for a fair ol' while. In the years since we last nattered, I've gone self-employed blacksmith full-time and this current pandemic has made it a bit difficult on the ol' coffers for most self-employed. Still game to join, but aware the background and lore has changes a fair bit since original M&B and Warband and don't want to be the spanner in the works!
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