Having some issues with pre-battle deployment UI

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I am trying the new pre-battle system, unfortunately I am having some issues.
I played a couple custom battles first: Spearmen without shields and infantrymen with shields 75% + Archers 25%.
Tried to separate the spearmen from the "swordsmen", I selected 2 formations with Swords on top selection menu (infantry) and used the preference for shields (the swordsmen) for one formation and polearm (spear?) for the other formation, but it kept mixing up the two types of infantry and could not separate them.


For the archers, it was easy to split them.
So, so far splitting works fine, separating different units from a single group...not clear.

Then, I tried the same battle in a sandbox game. Both crashed during the pre-battle deployment, I got a crash warning and sent the report.
In this case, it involved an army with several parties. When the pre-battle deployment screen opened, it lumped HA, Inf and archers together in group 1.


No matter how I tried to separate the different types of troops, it just did not work out. I tried Group 1 Inf and Group 3 Inf with shield preference, but it did not work. When I tried Group 1 inf and Group 3 Cav, it did not allow me to select Cav and said I had to have another a Cav group before creating another Cav one in order to divide the initial one.

Even though the new UI is a great addition to the game, but it seems like it needs some work.


Also, the mouse wheel is inverted, it's backwards and as far as I can tell, there are no hotkeys to fix this issue. Only savages have the mouse wheel backwards like this!
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