Has anyone actually been able to make their character look like Arnold or Putin?

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In one of the previews of Bannerlord the character customization was shown off and the flexibility looked impressive, they were able to make a lookalike of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Putin among others. Upon release a year ago up until today the customization isn't as malleable in someway it actually feels restrictive you can't make overly goofy faces everyone looks "normal"


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I've been doing a lot of looking at this.

I think a lot of the limited customisation is actually to do with the fact that we only have a very limited number of skin textures to choose from. I think only 4 for women. Similar for men.

The skin textures impact on things like bags under eyes, fleshiness of lips, depth of philtrum, hollowness of cheeks, sharpness of features etc etc. I'd suggest it is the major reason why characters look samey - no matter how full the lips are, how wide set the eyes are, we're essentially stretching and bending the same 4 or 5 faces.

If they added a few dozen textures, we'd find that our characters start looking more and more individual.


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Well, customisation is good, but for now, I don't think we can create really accurate characters. In fact, all the faces look the same somehow.
I tried to make Ragnarr (Trevis Fimmel) and Saladin (original painting), but every character I create looks always like from the same family :razz:
I think one of the biggest problems here is that you just have a progress bar, but no numbers showing its value. You can't be so precise.


Current character customization system is really not that difficult. It has quite limited posibilities. Try to create a bald guy for example and compare it to other bald guy someone else created. I bet they will look like brothers.
Plus you can't make a goofy looking characters anymore.

So why can't we first pick a specific type of nose/mouth/eyes/ears, then select a skin condition or texture of that area and then finally actually shaping it up to our liking? Would it be too time consuming for developers? Btw i dont mind that much if it stays in the game as long as they fix other more important features.
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