Hair visible under Helmet mod.

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I am endlessly annoyed by one thing:

Helmets turn be into a bearded Bruce Willis. I need to see my beautiful nordic hair while also protecting myself. This cannot be compromised!

I found this mod for Fire and Sword (cant post the url as i just registered) called "Now We Have Hair!" on the Mount and Blade Nexus so it is possible!

How might we go about doing this for VC?

My modding experience is limited but this is my vague understanding:

One would copy the hair meshes and multi-mesh them to the helmet mesh - no?

I am reading up on some tutorials on how to do this but a am doubting i'll be very good at it unless its rather simple. I am curious if anyone else is interested in trying to mod this in and would be open to helping me?
reiksmarshal said:
It can be done fairly easy, but some of the clipping would be horrid.

Hmm. Could clipping be reduced by some small editing of the hairstyles? (deflating/removing the parts entirely concealed by the helm) Does that then turn a simple job into a very very hard one.

Going to try my hand at it tonight but i am such a newbie to 3d editing i don't expect the best results haha.
a good solution would be to switch automatically to a second model with flattened hair when you wear an helmet, but only the devs can do something similiar.
hugo321 said:
Thats like really the least important issue...

Never said it was. Do you see me demanding the Devs to put it in? No. i am discussing with other plays how to mod it in since i realize it is not a priority.

Didn't realize i should be spending my own personal free time on more important issues  :neutral:
Easiest fix is a 'hide helmet' option in camp that lets us toggle the helmet on or off...

Aesthetically pleasng characters and physical protection shouldn't be mutually exclusive.
I am sure some of you remember the mod 1866 for the original M&B, right? What they did in that mod was model a transparent circle above the helmet that would cover any clipping hair and so the only thing left would be the side hair, it would look weird sometimes but it did the job. The problem here would be to make the helmets a little bit more wide on the sides so the hair can go out without looking awkward.
Completely agree with the OP, viking helmets look beyond awful without the hair coming out, just compare reiksmarshal's avatar image with how your character looks like ingame.
Well i have edited hair and helm together and managed to deal with the worst of the clipping by resizing the hair models where needed. i'll post a screenshot in a bit.

However i have no clue how to set it so only the hair your wearing appears with a helmet and all i can really do as attatch 1 hair style to 1 helmet style. So i can give my character a helmet with a matching hairstyle but anyone else wearing that helmet gets the same hairstyle.

The best i can figure out is just to add a new helmet item for just my char but it'd be sure nice to see the NPC's hair through helmets. No clue on that one though.

edit: Here is a SS of my attempt. -- Would be great to figure out how to do this in a manner where it'd be flexible enough to have the same helmet support every hairstyle.

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