Guie: Host your game fastly and let others play.

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Guide for host a game and play with other players:

1- Access your route and go to open (fowarding) port.

Port number is 7240 (choose UDP). If you need Starting Port and Ending port, writte both 7240
This port let other players can play your host game.

I dont know like open a port in my route/modden

You have few xp in games, no?  :mrgreen:

Well, first look your route name/model. Open google and writte:

Open port "your route model"

Choose and follow a tutorial.

I dont know my router ip
You need go to execute window (search bar in Windows 7), and type: CMD.
Writte: ipconfig
Your access ip will be IPv4
Copy/paste it in your browser.

2 -Host Game
.Enter Warband>Brytenwalda
.Go to Multiplayer
.Select hosting menu.
.It is important you mark  "ADD TO OFFICIAL GAME SERVERS LIST" (or players cannt see your game) and uncheck Steam anti cheat (if you havent warband steam version). You need choose your game name, pass, welcome msg etc... now.

3- Enjoy!

Other tutorial that can help you:,197453.msg4736230.html#msg4736230


Hi Idibil

it is a little bit puzzling how to host a game in "campaign" format.. the number of bots, then all the gold settings, it does not seem trivial...

say for example, i want to set a game with team one made of
king with 3000 gp, Lord with 2000 gp
against team two with
king with 5000 gp, Lord with 2000 gp, Elite Warrior with his std. gear

thx and kind regards!


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Gold is by team.

In your case,

You have two players by team (king +lord)
Team 1 have 5k and team2 have 7k, we have /2 (by two players)

you can assing like this:

Both teams: 2.500 coins
Team 1: 0 coins
Team 2: 1000 coins (they have more money).

each Team1 player will have 2,5k for that game (for buy items and troops)
And each team2 player will have 3,5k for that game. (same)

You remember that max money ammount by player is same that native, 15k.

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