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Mod is pretty cool so far, but a few features are a bit escoteric. Since I burned a few villages, I'm apparently more of a bandit now. From what I've gathered, this gives me a bunch of cheap bandit recruits, but I can't get any of the normal troops from villages. This is kind of a bummer, so does it ever go away? Also, what tactics are people successful with using Khastin or Khaldim troops? Musketmen for both factions are good, but the pikes are pretty lame. This (surprisingly) hasnt been too much of an issue in sieges, but makes fighting Gathan or Gashajin in the field hellish, since my muskets run as soon as anyone even looks at them the wrong way. Khastin pikes can hold them off for a little while, but Khaldim pikes might as well not even be there. I've seriously had better luck with the aforementioned bandit trash. If the enemy charges, I'm screwed. No amount of strategic positioning seems to help with this fact. There's just no way for the muskets to mow down enough people quickly enough, and the pikes are not going to put up any memorable defenses. Clearly, I'm doing something wrong here, or are these two factions just bad?
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