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Guide of Modders - WIP!

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Pumpkin Lord

Caba`drin said:
Mount&Blade Modding Wiki
Jerkuh said:
I hope people will help me foreseeing this wiki with all the needed information to help each other out of many modding problems.

Every tutorial, every script, every OSP even editor information like Notepad++ or a tool to edit the module is accepted on this Wiki.

The Wikipedia link is: http://mbmodwiki.ollclan.eu/
Discussion Thread - Modding Wiki

header_operations Expanded
Here you can find a thoroughly restructured, expanded and documented version of header_operations.py file from the Warband Module System. All operations have been grouped into sections, their calling syntax has been checked, nearly every operation has been properly commented. Many mistakes or inconsistencies in operation calling syntax or supposed effects have been researched and corrected. Most unobvious conventions and assumptions are highlighted.

Better MS Scripting Reference - header_operations expanded: [br]http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,213060.0.html

Module System Command Database
Provides additional documentation for each of the module system commands/operations.

Module System Command Database: http://mbcommands.ollclan.eu/
Discussion Thread - Module System Command Database

Modding IRC Channel
Ruthven said:
Several experienced modders hang out there (Yoshiboy, Highelf and Ursca as random examples :razz:) who could probably help you with anything you want to know. There's a basic thread that goes over the use of IRC for M&B purposes here.

If you're new to IRC, its basically an instant messaging program, kinda like msn only between lots of different people.
Once you have it all sorted out, just join the channel #mount&blade-modding on Quakenet. The great thing about IRC is that it takes up very little space, so you can just minimize it and go about your computing then bring it back up whenever you need it.

A few general rules in the channel:
Don't expect an answer immediately. Most people on there will be doing something else and have IRC minimized, but they'll check it sooner or later.
Don't ask people to do things for you. I doubt anybody will write up any codes aside from the very basic, instead they'll just give "how to" advice and such.
Don't be an ass. You'll get banned.
Discussion Thread - IRC Channel

M&B Fonts and Logos

Discovering the Mount&Blade Fonts, Design, Logos and UI - Downloadable Inside

List of Hardcoded Stuff

List of Hardcoded Stuff - Reference

Apologies for taking over your post Sherlock :wink:

Thanks, this was just about all I needed.  :smile:
The HLSL exchange interests me the most.
Thanks for filling the blank, DerGreif. Appreciated. :smile:

I will soon update here with even more documents.
really want to see the serverside section up

itd be great to know what works serverside and what works only client side

i know most of them, but some of them are just hit and miss

Thanks Belendor ! It's very usefull !
I'm not a codder so tutorial and a list of them is the best for me:wink:
Ah, ok. To add to the "music/sound" list: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,156545.0.html
In the general scripting spoiler the enhanced aristocracy link seems to be wrong, there is nothing on that page which seems to relate to aristocracy as far as I can see
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