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Guarantee a faction isn't at war with a faction at the start of the game?

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Malik Faris

I have a bunch of new factions that are supposed to die off right away, but they have some patrols that are supposed to stick around, the problem is when a game starts, the factions will randomly declare war against them, even though they own nothing, and have no claims against them.

Playing with the  relations in Module_Factions just seems to make swadia go to war with everyone at the start of the game, and i don't want that.


Have you tried setting the relations via script (in game start for example)?

set_relation                    = 1270  # (set_relation, <faction_id_1>, <faction_id_2>, <value>),
                                        # Sets relation between two factions. Relation is in -100..100 range.
store_relation                  = 2190  # (store_relation, <destination>, <faction_id_1>, <faction_id_2>),
                                        # Retrieves relation between two factions. Relation is in -100..100 range.

Not sure if this makes a difference instead of using module_factions.py, might be worth a try though...


Knight at Arms
I'm very interested in this topic.
Let us know what works.
I'd like to see that script working in a pre-arranged way.
I'm sure you've seen all the diplomacy scripts that randomize war and peace:

It would be nice to set that directly to reflect history.
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