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SP Medieval Grunwald Mod Alpha 0.4

Do you want the Grunwald mod to be released on Warband?

  • - Yes, immediately! in any capacity, just publish it! :twisted: :shock: :mrgreen:

    Votes: 22 42.3%
  • - Yes, I'm ready to wait and will be happy to play this mod :lol: :P

    Votes: 22 42.3%
  • - I don't know, maybe I'll download and play it .. :?

    Votes: 5 9.6%
  • - No, I'm not interested in this project :cry: :ohdear:

    Votes: 3 5.8%

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Female NPC's Jagienka and Danusia

Jagienka ze Zgorzelic:
Companion for MH
Excellent archer - tracker. She got this outdated reinforced chainmail from her grandfather - robber.
As well as the talent to understand good wines. There is a clear contradiction here, but everything happens in life.
The chainmail was fitted by a tailor-gunsmith in her athletic figure.
In her free time, she loves to read the Bible. And even cry.

Danusia Jurandowna:
The second and last female companion in a harsh man's world ''Grunwald Mod ''.
Classic Madame. This girl are not able to, except to please his knight Zbyszko.
In her free time from pleasure, she sings and plays the lute and flute. For all.
This armor Zbyszko took off in one of the raids from one of his captives, and gave it to his sweetheart.

New faces of these companions:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Release soon! :wink:


Knight at Arms
You'd think after playing M&B since well before Warband, I'd have found the Pioneer's Guild earlier than last year! :facepalm:
Can't believe I missed this one!
This mod calls to the Polish blood of my ancestors! (what little there is! :???:)
I'm so pleased to see this mod is still in development! :mrgreen:


Icons for global map of the memorial book places:
- Cross on the place of the Grunwald Battle.
- Suicide Zygfryd de Lowe
- Samogitians Sacred Grove
By Alisacat007


Ok. Alpha is available! Download link in the first post.
Warning! It's just a first Alpha-version. There are English translation deficiencies. If someone can help me with it, I will be very appreciated.


Knight at Arms
Downloading now! Thanks so much! :mrgreen:

Edit 6 March 2019:

Aside from several screens referring me to the Russian translation, I've found this a pretty good mod.
One thing I "like" in the sense of enjoying the pain of realism, is the "tankiness" of the higher level Order units. It's possible to beat them, but it's never very easy! :mrgreen:

Thank you very much for your work so far. I'm looking forward to any improvements you have time to make. :party:


A little update is available by link in the first post.
Change Log:
- Fixed Dialogues with companions
- Fixed scenes of Lords Halls in towns and castles
- Added "Artillery" Engineers to the Units upgrade lines
- duplicate helmets with open visor removed from sale
- Fixed some props on Arena Scene
- Changed the spawn of Schiffskinder (Sea Raiders)
- Fixed some main story bugs
- New Quest for the Teutonic Order to join the Faction
- Expanded system of dialogue with the dwellers. Corruption in the towns.
- Fixed other bugs and defects
- Includes full Russian translation.


Update Alpha 0.2 (Download Link in the first post):
- Fixed field artillery in the Battles
- Fixed Oats (fodder for horses)
- Returned a description of the properties of Items and foods
- Naked characters are dressed :lol:
- Improvements and Additions Russian Translation
- New 3D Models
- Scribbler of the provinces and Lands on the Global Map
- New Quest from NPC Jagienka ze Zgorzelic
- Hunting opportunity for wild animals
- Fixed some bugs


Knight at Arms
:mrgreen: Thank you very much!  :mrgreen:

This mod is definitely one I'm watching. The English translations is a bit rough, but livable.

Thanks for all the hard work. :party:


New version 0.3 is available!
Main Changes:
- Many new items: armors, weapons, helmets, etc.
- Simulation of the Battle of Grunwald!
- New nonlinear Quest for the Teutonic Order!
- Other fixes and improvements

Have a nice game!:wink:


"Ex luto Marienburg" - Marienburg of clay!

Grunwald Mod version 0.4 Download link below:​

Main Changes:
- The new faction is the Grand Duchy of Moscow!
- Fixed many bugs and other improvements
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