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No, I didn't use any mods.


Summary: As it is, sieges do no pay any attention to what assignments are made in the groupings panel so why not save us the irritation and get rid of it entirely?
How to Reproduce: Every siege
Have you used cheats and if so which: None
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While I am fairly critical of the grouping system because of the workload added, I appreciate the idea of using heroes to lead groups. So my main beef with the system is workload, before every battle. I typically set up standard infantry, archer, and cavalry groups in every battle. With the same heroes every time. I know if they are injured they can't lead. Then in groups 5-8 I make very small groups lead by other heroes and call those groups to myself as a bodyguard. This is the same for every open field battle I fight. The main workload issue is that this setup does not stay fixed from battle to battle and particularly after you do a siege. It is tedious to keep doing the same setup over and over when the computer should be remembering it. Now in sieges I would want the workload thing to be minimized as well and my setup remembered. In sieges though it seems like no matter what setup I do, when the battle starts, it is gone. I might make groups 5-8 but they have disappeared once the battle starts.

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Sorry for the late reply. Are you still experiencing this issue on the latest version of the game?
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