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So, AI in the campaign tends to be a weak spot for Bannerlord, the AI parties or armies many times make decisions that leave us going "what the fu..?" at the screen. From what I understand, the AI looks at several variables when making a decision but because these variables change relatively fast, the decisions made sometimes are not the best or even logical to the player.
For example, this scenario:

When Vladia declared war on the Aserai, their armies looked at the most optimal settlement to take and given that Lycaron had just being taken from the West Empire and it was weak, the AI sent Vladia armies to Lycaron. Now, we all know that Vladia won't be able to maintain that settlement for long because as soon as those armies are defeated, the distance from Vladia "mainland" to Lycaron is just too big to and no defense army will ever reach it in time (in fact, in 1.1.0 most likely the town will fall for the Aserai with Vladia armies still around due to AI ignoring most of defense duties). Decisions like these tend to be common in Bannerlord but they only contribute the a state of (like Ananda mentioned in a recent post in General Discussion) Whack-a-mole, where Valdia took the town, now Aserai are going to get it back but then the West Empire will take it... etc etc and the game doesn't evolve from here. Side note: This pic was 20 years ago in game and the factions are still fighting over that town and the ones near...

An idea to help the AI could be around a grid system (invisible to the player) where each AI faction sees their grids as "green", enemies "red" and neutral "grey". When making a decision, the AI will only look at red or neutral grids adjacent to their own green grids. In the situation above, does Vladia share a green grid with a grey grid from the Aserai? yes it does, so we have a viable declaration of war (I say viable because the power balance, etc etc are still relevant). If the situation is favorable and after declaring war, where do the green grids from Vladia border red grids from the Aserai? in the south. The one place where it would make sense to attack. The AI would look only at Qasira or Askar towns (and castles near) for target. Why waste resources on opening another front to the Aserai and adding another target to the West Empire for a town battered by constant conquests and reconquests in the middle of the map? In the south, the move is logical to continue to grab land from the Aserai while having the towns and castles near to help support it and not adding more fire to the West Empire for an attack while Vladia fights the Aserai.

Another aspect that the grid system could help is with trade routes. Making trade parties avoid red grids at all costs, even if a neutral grid with a town is behind the red grid. If a viable path through green or grey grids doesn't exist then that town is ignored. Losing caravans because they entered right through the middle of enemy territory is nonsensical and this system could create a dynamic where war between two factions would have in adverse effect on other factions through trade where their cities would see less caravans due to the near war, reducing income for everyone involved.


i wonder if this is an idea worth noting, but to me it is a bit off putting that ai always knows the garrison and state of towns and castles, while player has to do manual scouting. maybe both the player and ai has the ability to send out scouts who are vulnerable to attack but are fast moving, their sole purpose to scout places you/ai ask them to and make them return with the info as soon as they can, kind of like when the player is asked by a vassal to do scouting

the player could ask a vassal in their army to go do the scouting, and the ai can do the same, or ask you through a quest. you and the ai could send out several scouts at once if many fiefs have to be checked

this way both the ai and player only have information on fiefs as fresh as whats procured from the scouts, if they make it back at all. if they dont, then the ai has to make a half-informed guess at best, and stick with it, even if its a bad one. or they will have to go check around fiefs themselves before making a final decision

plus all of that, i think the ai should make much more smarter decisions on what they are capable of. if they have an army with over 1000 units, they should not go dig around for low garrison, poorly maintained fiefs, they should utilize their strength to capture a bigger prize. if they have over 2000 units, they should look for the juiciest and most difficult targets to capture. right now it looks like ai just picks the weakest target, regardless of army size. some clan leader can make a small army that does not take too many volunteers to go pick the weak ones, leaving more volunteers available for bigger conquests. overall, ai should just be smarter with how they make and distribute army forces. i have also noticed that clans who own no fiefs will never create armies. i think it should only be based on the influence they have to spare, otherwise kingdoms with many lost fiefs are in too much trouble
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