Resolved Griar Airbh doesn't have a prison, I can't rescue a prisoner.

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Hello, simply put, I've scourged the place, walked like a moron, and there's no prison to be found or prison keeper to beat up.
What the hell I am supposed to do with the quest I have at hand?
Hi frenchiveruti,

First of all, thank you for taking the time to repot your bug. We will check this issue and fix it asap.

Thank you,


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Hi frenchiveruti

Sorry about this late reply. There is indeed a prison at Grian Airbh.
It's situated right next to the hall, under the rock formation.
I did not think the design would make it so difficult to spot. But rest assured, all forts have a prison.

I questioned myself if that rock would be a prison, but as it didn't have a guard in front of it I didn't check the spot throughly, I blame myself for this one. I went around the castle like 20 times, but only looking for the guard that has the key to the prison.
Luckily, the quest got cancelled after a peace treaty.
Thanks, I would mark this as solved.
And thanks for the reply, I wasn't expecting one really haha. Have a nice day.
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