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Hello, i am having a problem where friendly grenades kill me even though im nowhere close to them. Also my own grenades kill me.
Playing as swazi with a lot of swehrmacht soldiers.

Is there a fix for this or any way to disable grenades completely? Its really hard to play when any grenade one shots you wherever you are.
Grenades should really be removed from common troops. The AI just does not know how to use them effectively. Even when the troops get into close combat some soldiers consider it a good idea to toss a hand grenade into the middle of the cluster of men, taking down friends and enemies alike. Same happens when one, two enemy cavalrymen charge into my ranks. Someone will just throw a grenade at them.

Imho the best would be to just remove grenades from any common troops. Let the player use them or give them to his heroes if he wants to, but having regular soldiers with grenades ends almost always in very frustrating ways.

@OP I guess you could remove the grenades from the troops inventory with Morgh's M&B editor.
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