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Antiquity OSP 3D Art Greek Shield

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Hello. I have poor English) as the three shared a nice shields. 100% of my work. License bearware (bet me a beer and meet me.)


If the link is expired please let me know in the topic

Here Screenshots:






heh this is awesome!
any chance you can upload it to the mbrepository or filefront? (my pc doesnt like speedyshare)


Nice. By the way, are you Greek? If yes can you read this: ωραιες ασπιδες! θες να μπεις στην ομαδα μου?
Tsubodai said:
hmm having trouble loading the second and third shields in wings. it says bad image
It should of loaded then. Import the specific texture in and apply it to the material of the shield. Also.

OP, I checked your texture sheet and it looks amazingly inefficient. Why didn't you bother to erase the unused parts of the texture map?

Revan Shan

Grandmaster Knight
That's good. I need base shields, of single color or bronce, without drawings. For some of the elves on Hiridia: HUL
I can lend you the Gimp file if you want. It's mostly empty except for the front and back basic textures and all you gotta do is delete the symbol.
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