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Do you support Greece's decision on the bailout plan?

  • Yes.

    Votes: 4 18.2%
  • No.

    Votes: 6 27.3%
  • Neutral.

    Votes: 12 54.5%

  • Total voters

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Master Knight
I like all this personification like the government's expenditures affect you. :lol:

Excepting the Greek's of course, obviously it affects them. Finns, Dutchies, Germans? Not so much.


TheLoneWolf1 said:
But please do come for vacation, I've slept with an Italian tourist once, a German one as well, hell I've slept with English tourists (they are by far the worst, they come here and drink to death). I would like to taste Finnish as well.
Chaddius Thundercock over here. :lol: Talking **** might work on Facebook, but not so much on a Turkish RPG board.


Vicccard said:

Well, that particular image could describe the majority of the discussion participants in this thread. You people cannot have a civilized, light-hearted or not, discussion. You all go "Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh Germany, bad, **** you" and "Greeks pay debt, lazy, scammers, blah blah".

If this thread is an analogy of what goes through the Eurozone, I am really not surprised that a deal hasn't been cut yet.

rejenorst said:
On a not so serious note; thought this was amusing.


That guy is nuts.  :razz:
Not what is considered an intelligent pass-time activity, but amusing, nontheless.  :smile:


TheLoneWolf1 said:
I've slept with an Italian tourist once, a German one as well, hell I've slept with English tourists (they are by far the worst, they come here and drink to death).

I'm guessing that's how you're paying off your debts in particular?


crodio said:
Greece: the new thailand

Pretty much.

As far as prices go, there has been a significant drop, after Greece was hit by the economic crisis. Specifically, compared to 2009 the study estimates that prices have fallen by 20% to 50%. Most female prostitutes get paid between 5 and 30 euros. However, the researchers were shocked to find that many prostitutes request even less that 5 euros, a fact that reflects their economic situation.

Literally cheaper than a Thai whore. :lol:


And I stand here asking: Where the hell are these cheap prostitutes? What am I missing in life and why?

As far as I know the good(clean) ones for an all around one ask for 50 to 60€.

Source: ...ehm.

Stabbing Hobo

Master Knight
VonTwat said:
Gestricius said:
That'll make Turkey want to join the EU even more.  :iamamoron:
Honestly, even Turkey would be a better EU member than what Greece currently is. If there was a vote to either keep Greece or replace it with Turkey, I'd gladly embrace our new Turkish brothers into the union. :lol:
In the end, we're all TURK.


I'm not sure why but that sounds like something Buzzfeed readers would write. ****ing Buzzfeeders.
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