Gray's RP server, rebooted.

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I've finally decided to reboot the good old minecraft server.

If anyone up for it, the idea is to RP, you don't have to write in-character, but just play as an inhabitant of the world.
Don't build lots of crazy, out of context objects just for the sake of creating something crazy.
Instead, build a home, group up to create a village, expand, create jobs, trade, fight, or live as a loner if you want.
Just play fittingly within this spirit.

The only rules are:
Don't build too much around the spawn. Enshrining it or similar is ok, just don't create something wild around it. Joining the server for the first time and seeing lots of stuff everywhere is quite jarring.
Gold is currency, use it for trading, posting jobs and the like. You can still trade other object if you prefer of course.
Don't grief for the sake of griefing.

If you are up for this the IP is:


Do I need any sort of mods to join in on this? Right now it's saying "Failed to connect to the server. Connection refused: connect."  :sad:
Oh snap. Seems like the ports need to be forwarded (pretty much everything else seems to be forwarded), but I now live in a building block, so I don't have access to the router.

I could setup hamachi, but that would be pretty heavy-handed, unless you guys don't mind. Or do you have other suggestions?


Hamachi is fine by me. That's been the only way that I've been able to play Minecraft online so far. It's too bad they don't have an easier way to do it.


The networks, even those established prior to the limit, have a 5 person limit, unless Gray has a paid account.
Well crap.
I'm afraid I got my money in cash and not digitally, so I can't actually buy a subscription.
I'll do so as soon as I can though, unless I can fix the port forwarding issue.

The hamachi info is:
ID: Graynet2
Password: Graypassword

Unless somebody else happens to have one?

Edit: Turns out hamachi is a pile of ****e these days, so that's not working.
I'll have to ask around tomorrow.


Agreed, hamachi is better suited to lan connections. I'm going to drop out of the network in case anyone else wants a spot, but I will be interested in this if the lag problem can be fixed.
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