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Donkey Army

y u no make rome expansion?

Dont misunderstand me, when i saw this i ****ing jizzedd but kinda like u jknow, the second fire-arm expansion/add-on/game/mod in a row. A more ancient time era would be so much keewler. This do looks REALLY EPIC but yah make a 150b.c- 200a.d or somewhere there and i will ****ing kissya feet and be ya slave for rest of my life.

Can you belive it? A new MnB AND war of the roses!!! (Another Paradox game that rulez) leik talrworlds moar then Pardox)) (((no offense Flying Squirrels, vn't just not yet played ya  epic game)))


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As soon as I saw the lowercase "y" I knew this thread was going to be doodoo.

If you want Rome mods, I'm fairly sure there are some released right now, like Warriors of the Gods. As for a complete, you're on your own.


Danik Golovanov said:
It's good ol' Biggles! And this time he's not complaining about cavalry being included in the game anymore...
dont say bad things about biggles, his mom might get angry!


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Oh no. The memories. Fun Fact. Biggles was in the 16th for 2 days before the trolling began. True story, unfortunantly.


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sinofchaos said:
I would post picture that says GO AWAY, but alas I'm being watched... :sad:
I shall do it instead. :razz:
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