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I tried a few native expansion mods which all had improved graphics. I really would like to play Native without content mods but with graphical improvements. Is there a mod that just improves textures and lighting?


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(opinionated rant bellow)

ENB's don't do much other than post processing (ie doing effects to the final image). I don't like them that often because they often just recolonize everything to some random hue and annoy me when I see silly people getting impressed by them. There are texture pack mods out there, but many of them I feel are too dark or desaturated while the native textures work better with the game. I find it funny the texture packs where people literally just lowered the saturation of every texture by a percentage and released it. There are also mods that change the shaders (ie how the 3d meshes in the game are rendered by the graphics card) which can do a lot more effects, such as those in BoE. Be wary that a a few of them have rendering bugs such as Tamara's Parallax Shaders. At the end of the day, Warband uses the ancient DirectX 9 graphics API, so there is not much you can do to make it look better than it already is. I wouldn't harp over graphics too much with this game. Understand that graphics aren't actually going to make the game more fun to play, and if you want something that meets modern AAA standards you are going to have a bad time.
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