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Graphical Enhancement 2.5, version 3 is in Pioneer's Guild.

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Cloud Breaker said:
Leggeron said:
hmm...am I the only one that doesnt like what HDR does?


I do not like what the HDR is doing to M&B. It cannot be optimized properly.

I too, dont like the HDR mod.
Zaro's textures are already more than enough for me, I'm happy with them  :mrgreen:
These are nice but it's a shame that all the castles are now the same colour. Before there was some variation, some with a more yellowish stone others grey, now they're all grey.
Sorry, but is a bittle to red for me. But maybe it is just me.

No, I feel the same. It's more of a brown now, and the name tags are more rustic.

hmm...am I the only one that doesnt like what HDR does?

Which is why it's optional.

I saw that there was an HDR update from 28/09, gonna give it a try.

I didn't include any alternate settings, I'll upload a couple in a moment.

Just a very small toned down HDR mod

The HDR is related to screen brightness, and I suspect your screen is set to a much brighter level than mine. My HDR settings are a toned down version (quite minimal) on my settings. I would guess that your monitor brightness is high, while mine is not.

but this HDR mod is for Resident Evil

The settings are vastly different from the original settings. The hdr looks like it does in my screenshots providing you have the similar settings, which you likely do not.

the hdr only lowers my fps it doesnt do anything.

Try reinstalling. The difference should be obvious, and if it's not it means it isn't on. Try reinstalling?

These are nice but it's a shame that all the castles are now the same colour

Each stone in v3.0 is different. The one in v2.5 isn't bad and looks gritty, but it's actually a pretty messy texture. 2.5 having the same stone texture is also one reason it's 2.5 and not 3.0.

HDR doesn't do anything for me except make everything gray. What am I doing wrong?

Not sure, but it shouldn't do that. The HDR mod barely changes the colours at all, it just increases the contrast of lights and darks (lighter lights and darker darks). If anything else is happening then it's not intended. The problem is other than suggesting people to reinstall, play with their monitor settings or play with their video settings, there's nothing I can do. Try reinstalling, or deleting dx3d9_26.dll if it's in the M&B directory, or updating your drivers. These are total guesses, I really have no idea. It may also be the your monitor is set to be less saturated than typical, so try increasing the saturation a little?

Back to screen brightness, if it's too bright I would guess you have gamma set to 2.2 (default). I mentioned in my first post that you can adjust gamma, and I an assure you that lowering it to 1.5 will be too dark, so it's likely that anyone complaining of brightness hasn't lowered the gamma option, or properly read my notes in the first post. If it is too bright and you did read them then I apologise, but I can't see how that can be the case.
Zaro, sorry to pester you with individual issues. These are some screens of what the mod looks like on my PC:




I have a few issues that playing around with monitor and M&B gamma settings have yet to solve:

1. I have some weird box like effects around trees & vegetation.
2. The colours on my version are quite bright -more so than on your screenshots. Can you suggest a way of changing this, if its possible?

Otherwise, I'm very impressed with the look of it, night scenes are awesome!
Zaro thank you for your efforts, 3d grass is great but I think this shiny layer out of 3d grass kills the beauty of Mod, yes grass color is more lively but it isnt  well matched with  trees and other plants. Can you fix this problem,it would be great.
Alh p, I'm not sure what's causing the vegetation problems (it looks light a bad alpha, but everyone else seems ok?), but I can tell you that my textures haven't been installed properly as they're the native terrain textures. Is the an uninstall_textures icon in the M&B directory?

I think this shiny layer out of 3d grass kills the beauty of Mod,

Not sure what you mean by shiny layer? Do you mean all of the 3d grass?
Leggeron said:
hmm...am I the only one that doesnt like what HDR does?

Not at all, tons of bloom effect/HDR has annoyed many people for years. Here's a funny comic about it http://www.vgcats.com/comics/images/070119.jpg

But it's a totally individual preference, if others find it makes a game look good more power to them.
I'm sorry but my settings have minimal bloom - that was the idea. If you want to see large amounts of bloom, there are several settings in the HDR thread in Zendar discussion. I don't mind if people don't like the settings (as you said it's individual preference), but it's not fair to call it something it is not. It's also possible that it's your settings and not the HDR's, as I've already pointed out that bright monitor or gamma settings will make the game (and hdr) bright.

now all we need are fire arrows, or torch bearers so that the now truly night battles (10 foot visibility at best) offer some more (and somewhat realistic) visibility

@cromwall are you saving & Exit? if so the game does save, just produces an error as it quits, alt-tab to see the error/press ok, then the program will terminate (at least this is how it works in vista)

the HDR seetings are perfect, before this i tried them and my game looked like crud (whereas native was very nice), now it looks even better than native!
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