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buıʇʇǝs uoıʇɔǝɹıp ʞɔɐʇʇɐ
I have no idea why I'm even posting this. Just in-case people are concerned. Due to something happening, I will not be playing Warband, I'll pop on ludus for a stupidly small amount but this is it (probably the main reason I'm posting this is because I'm a so called 'forum warrior' ;D) well atleast you won't have my opinions now right? :smile:. I've played Warband since 2012, played NW for a long time and came to Warband from a awesome dude called goldking (also known as Rundeen). After that I was making people's lives a misery on PW (I even made someone cry regretfully) and then I came to Native and loved it. I've made great friends and for a couple a lot more :* (you know who you are). Any ways most people will be happy and that's fine I'd probably be the same if I was you. Im not wanting sympathy either. Something has happened, something serious, not going to tell you what or why but I'd like to thank many people who's actually supported me. Here's a few names (sorry if I've missed). Gibby (my only true competition and great banterous friend), Bruce, Menethil, Shingen, LGN crew (Ciiges, Kane, infinity, Connor, Rat, Sullivan), Rempica, Napoleon, Jacob (love you man RIP, hope you're back soon), Aeronwen, Peter avastrat and more. I'll be deleting most people later, goodbye and thanks for all the fish.


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after the list that you made its normal if people threatened you but you already survived too long


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Does this mean you will not be participating in NNAC?

Also, good luck with whatever it is you'll be doing!
You'll be back, though. We always come back.
Well, farewell. You fought bravely. Hopefully, whatever happened in your life it is not a big deal and you will overcome the problems.

(I was hoping you would take Ceasar with you but nvm!)
I'm sat here reading this hungover in my dressing gown and you make this...usually when i go on this **** forum there is something amusing or something I can comment in which involves me creating a fabulous story, but what the **** is this hmmm? you mention me in a comment for which a story has already been created? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WORK WITH THIS! it's a depressing, emotional waste of my creative talent.

But in all seriousness message me on steam when you have the time you **** nugget. Much love that weird kid that loves your jokes xoxoxoxo


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Wtf...those New Years Resolution things never come true...

Jk Lots of luv Fietta. Hopefully everything ends up smooth, you're a good lad. See you man.


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