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Is this the end of Has anybody else heard about this? They were perfectly fine the other day...

I am very upset that they will no longer supply us with wonderful games at reasonable prices...


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Found some more information at

Apparently, keeping it DRM-free was a major issue.

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UPDATE 20.09.2010
First of all, we apologize everyone for the whole situation and closing We do understand the timing for taking down the site caused confusion and many users didn't manage to download all their games. Unfortunately we had to close the service due to business and technical reasons.

At the same time we guarantee that every user who bought any game on will be able to download all their games with bonus materials, DRM-free and as many times as they need starting this Thursday.

The official statement from's management concerning the ongoing events is planned on Wednesday. If you want to receive further information about, please send an email to [email protected] if you're a media representative or to [email protected] if you're a user without a GOG account.

This doesn't sound good though at least we should be able to get our licensed copies of the games back :???:

GoG was one of the best ideas (that were put into practice) I've seen someone come up with for selling games.

EDIT: Yay more speculation:


I'll miss GOG. They're the site I got Fallout 1 & 2 from. Great service and great prices.

I don't know if I'd be happy if they were to change their service to be all DRM-supporting or whatever it comes to, if this is a buyout or something. I'm still not sure if I'd rather see a company die and fade away into people's memories, or become a crippled old husk dedicated only to profit. Seeing the fate of Blizzard, I'd probably go for the first option, unfortunately.

Hopefully this is just a publicity stunt.
If they're going DRM I'd expect them to start selling newer releases too. In fact it's a wonder CDP never tried it already - Witcher II as a GoG exclusive would probably give them the same kind of boost HLII did for Valve.

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And its back up!

It was a poorly-thought out marketing promo, apparently they don't have an actual marketing person hence the last few days.

So far I mostly just see a different layout, the service seems to be the same as before.

EDIT: They apologized:
New is here.
New interface, new games and something.

Legend of Grimrock $11.99 (pre-order)
Trine $9.99
The Whispered World $14.99
Spacechem, Machinarium, and Darwinia coming soon.


Yeah, apparently they're now going for  a bunch of new releases as well on a regular basis.
I can live with that. Their pricing is often fairer than Steam and GG (at times).


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Glad this time they didn't close the website again :smile:.  With start selling indie games, they have become my favorite game portal/platform.

First AoD, now Grimrock. I don't know how i could wait for April 11th though  :cry:.
GoG is cooking something.

Spring Conference Live

So far I heard
Witcher digital comic book, free
Witcher enchanced edition on mac
witcher 2 copy for everyone regardless where they bought the game
Ass. Creed Dir. Cut and Heroes of Might and Magic V Bundle, drm free and with extras; 19.99 bucks each; this week only both for 19.99.
Free Fallout for everyone. For 2 days(?)
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