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hello i like to express my gratitude and thanks for taleworlds hard work over bannerlord, as i know for the native its quite good and has alot of potential
and not bad at all based on recent changes, and as much as i wish to see this game turn into an actual total war action version of a game, keeping all the great hybrid of many game tags be it RPG or the like, but we all know that the best part of Mount and Blade is the active MOD community, ill pretty much look forward for some gunpowder/ advanced diplomacy/ cause beli system and more from all hyped modders out there, as i wish everyone who likes this game have a sweet time and the best of luck, also wish that your favorite MOD comes to live, if anyone is reading this and has any MOD Feature in mind might as well type it if they wish.
----------there are passionate modders out there for bannerlord that are looking for any inspiration they can add it into there golden master piece


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Every mod that I would like to see from warband to bannerlord, such as LOTR, Warsword, Perisno, Prophecy of Pendor, and other amazing mods! Hopefully they'll turn out just as great or even better. I still can't believe how much time and effort the modders took into account, given that warbands engine wasn't as great for modding, modders found a way! Hopefully modding in the future with bannerlord would be easier, even though TW's has responded to the community, that is a light through a dark tunnel!
I look forward to future mod support and the eventual full release (though this'll take a while). I enjoy mods to a degree, and I want to see some mods return.

I just recommend that people have realistic expectations for Perisno and Prophesy of Pendor. As in, don't expect them for a long time or potentially at all.There was a discussion 5 months ago regarding if PoP will come over, saxon replied to it. It's not a simple matter at all.
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