Good Movies, Documentaries on the IRA?

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Sergeant Knight
Im going to London in May for a study abroad Terrorism class and I saw that we had to do stuff on the IRA.

So, anyone know of any good movies?

I have heard of one called Cal, but I have no clue where to find it...

Thanks if you can help?


In the name of the Father (Daniel Day Lewis). The wind that shakes the Barley(Ken Loach). British tv has been littered with shows, films about it. I'd also suggest maybe taking a trip on the ferry over to Northern Ireland, maybe look at some mureils.


I've seen Omagh, Bloody Sunday, The Wind that Shakes the Barley, and 50 Dead Men Walking (also read that)

EDIT: Also In the Name of the Father and Michael Collins.

All good movies. Watch em.


Sergeant Knight
The Boxeur with Daniel Day-Lewis is actually pretty good showing how were the divisions and IRA action by then....

Then there is the fictional movie based on the story of the true Jackal(that wasnt killed by an IRA idiot)

The Jackal uses IRA reference as Richard Gere IRA weapons specialist/terrorist that ends up being the hero and saving the day by killing a way more professional and better shooter, Bruce Willies as the Jackal.....



Sergeant Knight
Archonsod said:
Familyguy1 said:
Im going to London in May for a study abroad Terrorism class
I thought you usually went to remote places in Pakistan for those?

Im not even the school we go to in London, but we get to talk to MI-5, CT officials, etc and learn stuff about terrorism basically.


Boondock Saints has Irish people in it, not really about the IRA.

The "Stone of Destiny" is a good movie not about the IRA, but about the Scottish resistance of England in the 1950's.

"The Devil's Own" has Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt, and it is mostly about the IRA, very good movie.
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