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Global Reduction to EXP Multiplier Rate

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When the Beta originally came out there was a global reduction to your multipliers as you leveled, meaning that you started with high multipliers in everything and had to invest stats and focus points keep your multipliers high in some skills as others fell off. This created a good skill development cycle wherein the player got to try everything out and then had to choose what they wanted to specialize in.

The problem was that the balance of this function was a little off and it became extremely difficult to continue progressing at higher levels. I assume this feature was removed because of players complaining about it, but the concept was sound and without this function the game is fundamentally worse off.

Removing this feature fundamentally changed the game for the worse in 2 ways.

First, you can highly develop nearly every skill, so you never specialize. It isn’t a matter of what you will be good at, merely what you will be good at FIRST. A cornerstone of sandbox games is replay ability, and this change robs the game of that significantly.

Second, you can now earn so many more focus points/stat points than you need that developing a skill is no longer tied to actually performing that action. That is a big, functional change to the game.

Here is what I mean, you can go do any skill - for example a non-combat skill like trading - and earn a surplus of points that I put into a combat skill - for example 1 handed. I then go kill some looters and rapidly have a high 1H skill.

The problem is - I now have two high skills, but one of them isn’t BECAUSE I actually DID that action.

Please bring his back into the game in some form.

I think it would be better to do it by in-game age instead of level.

Another idea would be to put a higher floor on all skills before the reduction applies, say to ~50 or so, so that basic skills in al things can be developed
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