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tomaio2001 said:
hy great mod as far as i can see. one question can i play this as a single player or i ca play this only online ?

the mod is only multiplayer that recreates a world similar to the warband campaign, with bots bandits, crafting system, troop classes, role on a map similar to Calradia, I recommend reading the articles of the moddb site that is in the link I published so that you better understand the mod.


This Friday, March 1 at 23: 00hrs UTC the Global Campaign server will be turned off by server fixes, to test some configurations. It will be up again on Saturday (time to be confirmed).

Upcoming server update and Global Campaign mod:

Mod Global Campaign 1.2
- Add doors from some missing locations.
- Fix some doors that teleport badly.
- New items (music instruments in capital cities).

Server Global_Campaign
- Bank system, to store items and gold.

More information will be announced when the update is ready.


Hello, you are all invited to try the mod and the server.

Mod Global Campaign
- Moddb:
- Workshop Steam

*******Server Rules*******
Server Global_Campaign_Official_Server (when you enter the server press Escape and then Join Game)

Server Rules

1.- It is only allowed to attack between players in the PVP zones (flags red and blue) or in a castle if it is captured (closed with people inside) and they try to steal.
2.-You can go to kill bots in Bandits Lair.
3.- It is not allowed to hit or steal except in PVP Zones.
4.- You can not abuse any Bug to leave the map area.
5.-The only bandiso are the enemy bots of the dens, you can not be of the bandits faction.

*******Guide Craft*******

*******Map Calradia*******

*******Guide of Rookie*******
- A tip to start, you can easily make money in the villages of Lino. To make linen you must take out the plants and then transfer it to the reel (the small one), you will get threads, the threads will be processed in the big cloth tool, it will produce linen folds that you can sell on the table.

-You can drink for free in non-capital cities in beer / wine barrels.

-You can drink for free by buying an empty jar and you can collect water in the fishing villages.

-You can increase the speed of work with the troop Serf you can get in the capital cities.

- If you want to work and at the same time be a warrior, take the new class "Human" for that.

- To buy you must have your hands free.

- You can crouch with the Z, you can talk with the global chat with the T, you can talk only with close to the Q, if you leave the C you can discard your armor or see the names of the other players or take the box from your back, with the key 'you can make gestures. With the F5 you can open your inventory and place your items by pressing the black box. You can remove items from dead bodies with the F12.

- Save your gold in the private coffers of the lord of your faction or give it to some administrator to register it in the database and so you can recover it, if you have expensive armor, sell it in the same place you bought it and recover the gold for save it with an administrator. Admins: Tontin, Eschque, HTGaming, Viking_Beowulf, Skythe, Filips, Viking_Pato, Amros86, Buffo and Titohs te Supremos.

- If you can not find any administrator, you can take a photo as proof and report the gold in the "Report Gold" discussion in the Global Campaign Workshop.


The Link in the readme file to get whatever to host your own server does not work. Is anyone able to host a server, this is like a dream come true for me. Had warband for a long long time now.
The Link in the readme file to get whatever to host your own server does not work. Is anyone able to host a server, this is like a dream come true for me. Had warband for a long long time now.
Even if you get to run a server, no one will play on it as active Warband MP is limited to a few modules now. Playing with a handful of people (usually friends) will not be a thing as the gamemode needs many more.
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