Open Glitches in "The Revenge: Douar-an-Enez" Quest

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I went there, and had the ocean battle. I have won it several times (I wanted it to work) but in the next battle that's right after that, something happens and I'm sailing in the sky. I've tried turning off shadows and everything that could make my mac slower or whatever, but the same thing happens. So I end up sailing in an ocean full of clouds and a sun AND the enemy's are above me, like in another floor, so I can't harm them, and they can't harm me. So I'm stuck in there. Please, help! I want to continue the storyline. Thanks!
UPDATE: so I noticed some of my troops were in the level of the enemies, and had killed some of them. I dropped myself into the ocean (which I'd done before and I just drowned) but this time I appeared in their "floor". My 1 man who was still alive was paralysed, so I had to kill them on my own, but the enemy did not move, I had to go to where they were, and then they raised their swords, but if I stepped back they just stayed there. Finally, I won and I could move on, where I was sailing again in the sea again, but everything had a weird look, it was black and with a texture that looked like if the land was made of CD's. it has happened me before and I know that when that happens I cannot save. I couldn't save so it was worthless. Please help!!
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I'd just keep a back-up copy of the save file.

Go to: [Mount&Blade Warband Savegames] and copy [Viking Conquest] and store it somewhere in your computer. If the game glitches out hard and dies as it does at times, you can try replacing the save with your back-up file or reinstalling and putting the back-up save in to pick up wherever that save left off. It's about the best thing you can do. If that doesn't clear it, it's a glitch that has to be patched... like so many.

The most current one that pissed me off was after this most recent patch, all of the women reduced in scale to dwarf sizes. It makes it unplayable. It's stupid looking. I hope they fix that at some point...
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