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Unfortunately nothing is fixed with battle servers. They crash the same. Captain/skirmish private servers dont have such issue through.
Thanks man, super pumped to try it out tonight. Even if it’s unstable, I doubt it’ll be worse than what we’re already dealing with.
Looks like Battle Mode economy is still just as bad as e1.7.1, resulting in Vlandia and Battania being a lot better than they were in other modes while Khuzait, Sturgian, and Empire are even worse. I still think that the starting gold should be around 140-160 for late joiners. 140 would at least allow a late joiner to have two lives as Menavlion Infantry if they're unfortunate enough to play Empire.
GK Battle crashes your client if you don't leave at the end of the game. Server sometimes slows to a crawl and feels like everyone is running through mud. Unrelated, but the NA East servers; the most popular NA servers, have been offline since yesterday.
I dunno, I honestly enjoy the large maps. Gives a lot more room for cav and archer shenanigans, hvy inf has to coordinate to close the distance.
I've heard some people had issues loading in when the servers are on Ruins of Jawwali
So it might be worth just removing that one captain mode map, and potentially adding in the three new Skirm maps to make the server be more skewed to having small maps.
Zendar seems like it would be good for battle.
I'm a little dubious on Urikskallar and Sharis since if it ever gets to like 40 v 40 the maps would be kind of cramped.
it's the snowy map they added to Skirm in 1.72
it's actual name is like Zendyar or something, but yeah it's Zendar, they also added Shariz as a map in the same update, but swapped the name to Sharis and that one has like a mini version of Arena from Warband as the A flag.
I'll adjust the map selection. Basically I had it setup to only do the skirmish maps in the off hours and then add in the captain maps at the peak times, but since population is low compared to when the servers first launched that might not be a good idea anymore.
I've adjusted the map list to this:
Port at Omor - mp_skirmish_map_008_skin
Echerion - mp_skirmish_map_010
Trading Post - mp_skirmish_map_003_skinc
Town Outskirts - mp_skirmish_map_002f
Xauna - mp_skirmish_map_007
Osrac Insurrection - mp_battle_map_002
Zendyar - mp_skirmish_map_009
Urikskalaar - mp_skirmish_map_014
Sharis - mp_skirmish_map_020

If we start getting more players I'll add some of the bigger maps in at the peak hours.
Played Zendyar yesterday, it kicks ass.

*river pirate intensifies*

It was kind of a bummer to me that there weren't more old-school Mount & Blade references in Bannerlord. Salt Mine, Zendar, Black Khuzaits, Dark Hunters, River Pirates, etc.
Thanks, I think the skirmish maps are in general better suited for battle though the occasional captain map mixed in can be fun. Now if I can just stomach this patch's lag fest and having to likely restart the client after every match I might be able to enjoy Bannerlord MP. (I know the performance issues are out of your control).
Would it be possible for GK to have a GK_Skirmish server and a GK_Captain server running like DR does for EU?
Queues for those modes are basically dead in NA east, and they seem extremely stable compared to Battle mode
Oh sorry, I don't check these forums as much as I should. I started up a captain server by request of someone on Discord, so check it out!
Thanks Rub, also thanks for upping the round limit.
Could you shorten the Time Limit though? 10 mins rounds 100% of the time is 6 mins of combat and 4 minutes of one pretty pony running laps until timeout.
Also, is vote to kick intentionally disabled?
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