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GK NA Battle Feedback

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The captain maps are good when the server is full but are awful on low population. I think Xauna should be back in the rotation and some of the captain maps should be removed.
Can you ask DR how to get the server not to shutdown every round
Can you remove the huge maps that are dog even if the server is full
I can witness to the fact that the dreadsword clan teamkills, not all the time; but sometimes.

It was pretty bad a couple days ago with the whole game being determined by this team killing.

Personally when I am attacked I just run away as there is the vote kick function that does work; however when the offenders can join right back after they are kicked, it is hardly effective.

In a way I prefer the unregulated wild west nature of the server rather then a admin who over regulates the situation. I just keep thinking of how toxic the permanent banning admins of Napoleon were whom by I have been permanently banned from the only active server for "being too close" to their regiment.

I would rather deal with a few toxic players in the server whom I can physically deal with then have a tyrannical admin who permanently bans players on a whim.

I hope there isn't permanent bans in the community, but maybe there should be a 1 hour vote ban option? I just worry this would be abused like if a whole clan organized to ban their whole team(excluding themselves) 1 by 1. So maybe this function should only be an admin ability (however this is still worrying due to my previous logic although not as horrid as the permanent ban option).
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5 is winning the poll by a large margin, but I’m in favor of ft4 until there’s more “balanced” maps that aren’t just cav maps.

High team damage and reflective damage encourages people to play cav even more often. I think some reflective damage would be the best, as well as reduced team damage (but enough to stun both players still).

As someone else said, I also crash on Xauna when there’s a bunch of players. Also, I’d prefer to just not have the largest maps until cav is nerfed or there’s a limit.
Balance is non existent when factions and choosing the right class determine the outcome nearly always
Duckie Dreadsword is a hero how dare these accusations exist!

He's the hero Bannerlord deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A Dreadlord.

5 rounds feels long, thats true, but its necessary. If there is not enough rounds, the "losing team" doesnt have the luxury of making a tactical "save round" in order to come back stronger in full heavy infantry mode the next one. The more rounds there is, the more tactical it will be IMO. I'd even go out of my way and say that maybe clan battles could last even longer.

So far i am liking the Battle mode, havent played it a lot, but i have nothing negative to say about the mode itself. There is one particular map that i do not like and it is the cavalry one. There should be no map that forces us to all play cavalry. This aserai cavalry map is simply boring, if you do not comply and play cavalry, you cannot play the game at all. No map should force you into a role, especially in a mode that might become the main competitive one.

Sure i could retell the old stories about how the warband loot system is so much better and blah blah blah, but its pointless. In the current state of the game, the battle mode that i am looking, which was creating a lot of pessimism on this forums, turns out to be just fine imo.

Is there a reason why the skirmish maps cannot be adapted to the battle mode ? Especially the aserai one. Some of these other maps would only need 1 or 2 walls removed and would be just fine.
Couldn't see the server in the server browser today. I assume you're only doing the Warband Server and Reddit Mod Night ones this time around?
Couldn't see the server in the server browser today. I assume you're only doing the Warband Server and Reddit Mod Night ones this time around?
The server update stuff is tied to Rubbing's steam account and he went on vacation a few days ago, which means he won't be able to have it up until he comes back next week.
Oh dang nice job, I'll try to check it out if I have time tonight. I loved playing Battle on that server.
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