Give them a place to fight (New Servers)

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I honestly don't think that I have the files any more, sorry :sad: Maybe someone else still has them, I'll ask around.


I wish there was a serv er up for this again :S

E:NVM, managed to find a server. would be great if I somehow could get the admin pass. My clan whants to start this up again (just for fun)
I JUST remembered I had the code for this...I might restart it if I can get a decent team up for it. If I do, what would you guys want to see next in the mod? Features, Items, you name it.


I just played it with 5 other guys, It seems fine, the only thing I want fixed is the AI not runing around like crazy chickens so that you actrully can use the walk buttom for it's purpose  instead of acting like a retarded AI :smile:

Though I became really good at it :smile: You miht want to fix the bug that makes some people crash when someone use the gun.


I've always felt something of a feeling of love towards this mod - if someone tries to bring it back up that'd be awesome.

You can always skim through the suggestion thread and have a look on what was suggested some time ago. I've taken the time to recapture some of the most interesting suggestions floating around since the beginnings, adding them to my own:

- In general I'd like maps to be bigger and to not focus exclusively on indoors. A big city with gates opened and a village with some activity nearby would be great for the gameplay. Any person wandering outside of the city would be taken for an assassin, unless wearing the Guard Uniform, and would be forced to find alternative routes into the city without alerting the Guards. An event with caravans entering the city could be done, with the player blending in like in the AC Series...

Peasant's Revolt.
The peasants have taken up arms, and they head for the city!!! A group of 10 light-armored have almost reached the gates, and will kill anyone that interferes in their path!

City Repairs
The Town Gates are under repair. They shall remain close until the engineers finish their work.
(The gates cannot be opened during 2 minutes or so.)

Mysterious Bounty
A mysterious opulent bounty for a "[merchant, mercenary, soldier, arena champion, knight]" has been passed to you. The man is believed to be hiding between the crowds. Eliminate him for a reward.

The Black Death
A virus has infected the inhabitants of the city. Search quickly for a cure before it is too late! (Players lose hp every X seconds)

The Exposition
A merchant has opened an exotic store of weapons in the city just for today. The weapons will only be available shortly before they sell out. (Some weapons not included by default in the player's equipment could be sold there for a high price)

The Invasion
An army of soldiers are invading the city! They must be driven of inmediately before they kill the crowd.
(Random bots attacking everyone, including citizen bots)

More loose ideas:
  • "Can you make an event like Free Rounds For Everyone! The merchants is currently giving some drinks and food for free!"
  • "Maybe an event where ammo costs something."

I'll update this post as new ideas come to my mind as soon as I have some time.

Cheers and good luck with this.


A few days ago I tried playing Assassin Hunt with a friend of mine and noticed that all upload mirrors are down. So I uploaded the server files again in case someone wants to host a server.

Inside the Assassin_Hunt module directory there is another folder named 'Server Templates' which contains two sample configurations for both game modes.
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