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Give player access and ways to recruit a wider range of troops

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Like the title says, I want to be able to access/use all kind of troops in the game in some way.

Here is an example for how it could work

Once a week, talk to a merchant and be able to upgrade a number of recruits of his/her culture into caravan-guards - tree associated to his culture for a fixed fee. With high trade, the fee is lower. With good relation, the amount of recruits to upgrade is highter.

Same applies to:
Noteable/characterTroop-treePrice-reduction from:
Minor faction leaderminor faction troopcharm
Castle reeve *nobleowned castle loyalty

*Castle reeve might not neccessarely be a character. The number of troops that can be upgraded depends on castle Prosperity. This is the only or at least primary way to get noble troops. It can be made automatic and as default it is, IE every week he upgrades X Recruits -> Noble troops in the garnison. Funds might be taken from project pool if expense is to high.

The recruits does not need to be experienced for an upgrade. The base price is alot higher than normal upgrading to regular T2, maybe x5. At very high pricereduction, price is half normal T1->T2 upgrade cost. Not modified by Stewardship perks
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